From the audience:

A terrific speaker, very inspiring.
Excellent speaker & singer.
Great story to hear.
Very inspirational.
She has a wonderful music program.
OUTSTANDING!!Could have heard her all afternoon! FABULOUS1
Good for your spirit.
What a courageous and talented gal.
AMAZING-great speaker and awesome voice! So Inspirational-what a blessing she is!
What a treat to this already magnificent day!
Very good – a real wonderful person.
Incredible, motivational speaker (who just happens to be blind)!
This woman is totally amazing. She is a walking hero. This was so informative and she gave everyone hope and a reason for living!
Fantastic woman.
Truly outstanding & inspirational-Love It.
Great presentation. Excellent way to end the day! Thank you!
Absolutely phenomenal! A true inspiration.
Great sense of humor. She was very inspiring.
How inspiring! Loved her presentation!
So inspiring. Makes me want to evaluate my life.
Wonderful. What a great outlook!
She was terrific. It was nice to hear how she overcame obstacles to achieve her goals and become the person she is today. LOVED HER!
Enjoyed the presentation. Lots of good information.
Very impressive, GREAT!