Ms. Senior America 2013 – Colorado and National


I was 4th Runner Up in Ms. Senior America National Pageant Finals in 2013 held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As Ms. Colorado Senior America 2013, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring elegance, hope and empowerment to all senior women throughout my reign. Currently living in a Habitat for Humanity home I helped build in 2008, I enjoy touching people by telling my story. My object is to encourage seniors to take responsibility for their actions and to live a life of love and joy. As I say in my philosophy of life that I shared at the pageant, “I believe that my desire to fly must be bigger than my fear of falling. I believe that vision is internal, not external, and is guided by my heart, not my eyes. In order to be free to fly, I must “want my dream, feel my dream and believe that my dream will come true.” Most importantly, I must live my dreams! I am the composer of my symphony, the creator of my destiny, and I choose to live a life of greatness!” To learn more about MCSA organization visit, and to learn more about the philosophy behind the MSA organization and their passion for all senior Americans to live life to their fullest while continuing to use their talents and skills to enhance the lives of others visit As the 2013 Ms. Colorado Senior America Queen, I will continue to speak and perform, including with the Cameo Club, and other activities designed to promote the dignity and value of America’s seniors.