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February 11, 2008 Topic – Soul Eyes

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“For visions come not to polluted eyes.”

– Mary Howitt

image of Gail with Habitat for Humanity sign on porch

Saturday I had the privilege of attending a Habitat for Humanity home dedication for a very a very amazing member of our Core Matters Community, Gail Hamilton. Gail has been blind since the age of 13 and has faced more trials in her life than I would care to take on in many lifetimes. She has been a source of inspiration to me from the moment I met her 5 years ago.

I’ve gained many insights from our professional relationship and evolving friendship.  Whenever I begin to question myself in the face of obstacles, all I have to do is remind myself of Gail’s life and my “woe is me” moment fades away. Gail, you are truly a genuine role model for never giving up on your dreams.  Time after time she has reminded me that she doesn’t consider herself a disadvantaged blind person. Observing her most recent life journey has convinced me that she is able to see in ways that sighted people could never imagine. She has even gone so far as to suggest that I am the one at a disadvantage, for I rely too much on my human eyes to view the splendor of the world.

image of Gail taping wall boardsShe has often said to me that I have not fully developed my “Soul Eyes.” I must admit the first few times I heard her say this, I wondered if this concept was a new twist of some highly creative coping mechanism. But as I experienced, first hand, her grueling yet magical manifestation of her life dreams, I found myself viewing the world in a whole different light. Through her tears, frustration, commitment, and perseverance – through her Soul Eyes – I began to see things in my life that I had never seen before.

When one develops Soul Eyes they see, hear, and believe things that others cannot. People with Soul Eyes don’t see obstacles; they see opportunities and potential. People with Soul Eyes don’t hear discouragement and doubt; they hear a voice of confidence beyond the skeptics and critics. People with Soul Eyes don’t believe the world is a scary place; they believe in a world filled with adventure, abundance, and joy. People with Soul Eyes are a delight to be around for their vibration transcends the denseness of the physical plane. This vibration can easily be felt for it sources from happiness, excitement, optimism, and unconditional love. It’s as if they are living in a whole different world…and they are. The world they see and experience can only be accessed through Soul Eyes!

image of Gail on ladderOne of Gail’s dreams was to stand on the roof of her new home. It was important for her to feel the warmth of the sun penetrating and nurturing her new home. The Habitat for Humanity people did not go to the place of fear, protection, and legal liability. Instead they opened their Soul Eyes and found a way to make it happen – three times! Can you imagine closing your eyes and walking on a slanted roof! Yet Gail overcame any fears that desire brought forth and completely trusted her unique power of vision. Actually, many of the shingles of her home were placed and secured by her very own hands. She saw possibilities that others did not see and through her willingness to encourage others to, “See with their Soul Eyes!” her possibilities became reality… and their Soul Eyes were awakened.

This world is filled with such magnificence and beauty. I’m eternally grateful that I have been blessed with my human eyes. And now, by knowing Gail Hamilton, I’ve truly learned to envision a whole new world of extra-sensory awareness. Einstein said that we will never solve our problems from the same level that we created them. Perhaps what he meant to say is that we will never solve our problems relying on our human eyes. We can only solve them through the activation of our Soul Eyes.

image of Gail raising stud wallMy inspiration to you this day is to awaken your Soul Eyes. See what others can’t see. Hear what others ignore. Believe in possibilities others run away from. Close your human eyes and walk confidently on the roof of your fears guided by the sight of a new set of eyes… and see the glorious expansive rainbow that few get to see!

PS – Gail Hamilton is a keynote speaker, musical performer, and piano teacher. She is currently working on a book that is her life story. I highly endorse her work and invite you to consider her for any opportunities mentioned above. She can be contacted at

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Habitat for Humanity Page

In the spring of 2008 Gail and Kamber moved into their new Habitat for Humanity home on Vassar Avenue in Englewood, CO. Gail thanks all of the volunteers and donors for their efforts and support!

image of Gail with keys to house

image of Kamber during ceremony